Lowongan Kerja Social & Online Community Manager L'Oréal Maret 2018

An exciting opportunity to work with one of the quirkiest luxury skin care brand out there is here! Kiehl's is hiring a Social and & Online Community Manager, a person who knows how to optimize the usage of social media platforms to gain brand awareness and create engagement with online community. A super exciting role that will expose you to both strategic thinking and project management, dealing with many stakeholders, deep social media analysis and analytics, and presenting projects/ business reviews to top management.
Scope of work:
Define and Enhance the Brand Social presence
-In accordance with the Brand’s image, select the best platforms for social media presence, i.e. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, etc
- Create and implement Social Media Optimization (SMO) & Social Media Marketing campaigns across social media platforms
- In collaboration with Marketing, assist with the creation and presentation of Social Media strategy and integrated marketing campaigns based on customer social media analytical data
- Keep up to date on social media trends and best practices educating internal and external stakeholders
Interact with consumers
- Interact with consumers in social media channels using social media management software and related tools, including forums
- Participate in the development of real-time marketing content based on monitoring social media, flagging opportunities, and formulating plans with internal and external stakeholders
Plan and manage the brand online social activity
- Monitor, maintain and strengthen consistent online brand identity
- Work cross-functionally to develop appropriate content, if required
- Manage the Social and Community component of digital marketing campaigns
Provide internal stakeholders with detailed feedbacks
- Produce social media listening and engagement reports for internal and external teams to fuel insight development
- Summarize insights and conversations to create actionable, operational reports that lead to optimization and efficiency in performance
- Analyze and report on social community trending (pre and post) promotional launches to key internal stakeholders to ensure optimal customer satisfaction
- Min Holds Bachelor degree in any major, priority for those who have background related to communications and PR
- min 3-5 years of relevant working experience
- great communication skills, both written and verbal
- strong ability to build relationships (with internal & external stakeholders)
- has experience managing KOL's from end to end (selection, contacting, building relationship, etc.)
- has existing network with KOL's, having KOL's within direct circle of friends is advantageous
- strong public speaking and presentation skills
- proficient in Microsoft office, especially usage of Excel for number crunching/ analysis
- has experience mobilizing big team that is not direct report/ strong project management
- understands and has experience with digital analytics: SOV, CTR etc (beyond likes, followers & comments)

Posted at 2018-02-20 14:29 Lamar
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